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    Good Morning!

    Not certain if this is the right section, but here it goes....

    I want to extend the number of rings before my Treo600 goes into voice mail. I am using it on the GSM network of AT & T. Any suggestions for how to do this?

    Thanks in advance-

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    i believe you will have to set that with your network carrier (AT&T is this case).
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    Most GSM phones allow you to change this by dialing the following:


    Where xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number found in the phone application, options, call preferences under number to dial when no answer, and yy is the number of seconds to ring (valid values 5-30) before switching to voice mail.

    I have both 5 second and 30 second number string in speed dial. When I am in a meeting and want it to go to voice mail quickly, I dial the 5 second "number", and use the 30 second one for normal use. You can use anything in between as well.
    More information:
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    temoore, great tip!

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