I posted this to the treo release chatter thread, but that thread seems to be dead, maybe from confusion over chatter mail??
Anyway for those who do not remember or those new here, I dug up some threads from last year on how treo600 was released:
Ok, here is what I dug up on the release of the 600.
It was officially announced on june 18, 2003,

here is part of that story:
Treo 600 Revealed

Wed Jun 18, 2003 - 1:10 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker, Marcus Adolfsson


Around the web has been filled out, along with an interesting quote about bluetooth.

Handspring today introduced the 2nd generation model of their communicator family, the Treo 600. Readers of TreoCentral should be familiar with this new Treo - thanks to information gathered from several of our readers we reported on it is existence earlier this month. Handsprings' announcement today confirms our initial reports, with only some minor changes to the spec sheet.

Then some people starting getting invitations to Mission Possible Partys, accross the US, this was not until September. Others received a promotional kit, with a plastic mock up of the 600 along with other things. I tryed but was not able to make the NY Party, but the 600 was shown there and available shortly there after, here is that story:

treocentral.com >> Stories >> Commentary
Mission Possible

Sat Sep 27, 2003 - 12:11 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker


Handspring recently had a (semi)private launch event for the Treo 600. Titled Mission Possible, it took place in New York, Boston, and will take place in San Fransisco this Wednesday. While TreoCentral was invited, we were unable to make it to the events due to our Minnesota and Florida locations. However, many TreoCentral readers were able to go and have posted their thoughts and photos on our boards. As NADLER put it, "It was pretty easy to tell those from treocentral from those who were invited. The treocentral people asked most of the questions."

PalmInfoCenter was the only palm news source that was able to make it. Ryan Kairer gives a good general overview of what happened in the event here.

On our own forums we had live updates from the event courtesy of WeeBitObsessed, WirelessDoc, skfny and more. The main New York thread containing these posts is here. WeeBitObsessed was also able to take photos of the New York event. They are in this thread. Of interest, WeeBitObsessed brought along his paper Treo 600 (instructions to make on the boards), and had it signed by Ed Colligan. A picture is also in that thread.

From the Boston event we had silverado, Boston Bennett, and jiggy. The thread containing there observations is here.

A thread listing outstanding questions for the San Francisco event is here, while TreoCentral user jamesbond has a Treo 600 and is answering specific questions here.

That's a lot of threads, so here is a basic summary. From the Boston event it was learned that the Treo 600 will have a price of $399 with Sprint activation with a release date of October 13th. Cingular's tentative date is October 20th, at a subsidized cost of $449. It appears that the base price of the Treo 600 is $549 before any activation credits/rebates. T-Mobile will also release on the 13th, price unknown. (thanks Silverado) More information was also learned about how the upgrade will work. It is rumored that Handspring will ask for a Treo serial number at checkout, and upon verification will give a $100 credit for the Treo 600. This means that Treo users switching to Sprint from GSM could have the Treo 600 for only $299!

From the New York Event: It was learned that Handspring WILL bundle DocsToGo, and Pockettunes (a great mp3 player) with the Treo 600. The bulge on the CDMA Treo 600 was requested by Sprint to reduce radiation emitted by the radio. (Thanks skfny) The three colors of the Treo 600 so far are: Black (Sprint), Gunmetal (Orange), and Grey (Other GSM). (thanks weebitobsessed)

On a related note, ZDNET has posted their video review of the Treo 600. It's a great 5 minute video showcasing the Treo 600. They liked it!

Last of all, WeeBitObessed posted a little hint from someone he talked to that Handspring has already started working on the next Treo... High Res Bluetooth maybe?

Thank you to everyone who attended for sharing their thoughts. Let's try to do it again in San Francisco!