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    Just got a treo 600- i keep a lot of tasks on outlook on my desktop, most are reoccurring (monthly, from when i compete the task). i have two questions-

    1- when these get competed, thus set to reoccur in 30 days on outlook, will the same happen on the treo-- if i make these changes on the treo? eg marking a task on the treo as complete - will it then automatically reoccur? or should i make these changes on outlook only and let it sync?

    2- is there a way to not have all my to do's (tasks) show on my treo as some days i have 8-10 of them and they take up the entire screen. ideally, it would be great to have a single to do displayed on the day view when due, then that would serve as a reminder to go to the actual to do list on the treo. can this be done, either with the existing Palm software or an add on software?

    i just bought Beyond Contacts, but haven't gotten it yet- is this possible with BC? i need to clean up and simplify this to do/ task daily display.

    thanks so much!
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    Not sure I'm going to be much help but...

    1. I'm sure I fully understand what you mean, but if you mark the task as complete either on Outlook or on the Treo, it will be reflected next time you hotsync. If it's a repeating ToDo that's set to repeat once per month, the next one will be there as scheduled after you mark the current one complete.

    2. I don't think this is possible, but you may want to take a peak at DateBK5 as it has some advanced functionality related to ToDo's such as being able to "hide" them based upon certain criteria.
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    thanks-- i'll check it out!

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