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    I really like this case. I just bought it for my treo. It has a cutout for the screen and a swivel (sp) clip. just what i want. i will post pics later
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    is this the aluminum case selling on e bay for 20 dollars. any one have info on this case it has a front cut out for caller id.

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    i paided about $18 for mine. I will take pictures next week. That is when I get my treo. I ordered all the accersories. Jabra, BT200, aluminum case, Krussell case, 1gb sd card and car holder. Now I am just waiting for the TREO 600 TO COME.I will let you kow. I can take a pic if you want
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    I like this case. I works great. I use my Jabra BT200 with it mostly. but, even when it is up to my ear it still feels comfy.

    cut outs for everything
    can see display
    can access 5 way nav
    case doesn't pop open when dropped
    fits nicely in pocket
    can attach to belt loop

    sd card can fall out easy
    belt clip is a little too big (it sticks out a lot)
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    do you have a link to a site that sells it?
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    Got mine on ebay for under $20 w/ a usb charger cable. I like it, it protected the Treo 600 when it skidded across the parking. My biggest gripe is that it's REALLY bulky w/ the belt clip. I'm waiting to receive my proclip to see if that's better.
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    I hate opening mine and closing all the time but it does save the phone and it does look cool.

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