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    Having several different communications packages on my Treo 600, I'm ocassionally finding myself with a couple of niggling issues which can be tricky to pin down.

    This last few days I've been using SMS, the Treo's native email and Mundu IM mostly. I have found these to work quite well together and they allow me to keep track of various contacts. Something, however, is bleeding large chunks of prepaid credit on me. I've narrowed it down to GPRS usage and...I think, Mundu IM!

    Mundu will work just fine all day and is very inexpensive for chats, far less so than SMS. But then I find myself with 3Euro less credit (even though I've been watching my balance) and I've not done an inordinate amount of messaging.

    What I'm trying to find is a GPRS nanny of sorts that will allow me track/limit GPRS usage and time etc. I thought perhaps Mundu was trying to update itself, but that doesn't seem to be the case. With GPRS at 3cent per K it's a bit nasty depleting so much credit with literally nothing to show for it! :-(

    (oh, i picked Mundu over the competition because it links directly to MSN and other options just won't work with my ISP)
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    I am using KB Tracker
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    Try TrafficStat. I think it can be found at and it seems to work fine.

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