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    Alright, it seems that all of those old firmware posts have been deleted because I can't find any of them. I just have a quick question for you guys.

    I have a T-mobile Treo and I installed the pre-release firmware update that first came out and was distributed as a controversial little "dot" in a message here on the forums. I know someone out there remembers this! (For some reason the link to the update was just a small dot and many users could not find it.)

    Later, T-Mobile issued its own official update. I wasn't following the forum at the time and so I am not sure if this update is identical to the one I installed. If it is, I guess I'm already set. I did download and attempt to install this official update but it wouldn't complete - it would encounter a problem and not go all the way through. I finally just re-synced the phone and decided not to worry about it.

    If the T-mobile update was different from the early release "dot" firmware I installed, I would like to finally correct the problem by reverting to whatever firmware is neccesary and then installing the new T-mobile one.

    Please let me know if you can help. My info is as follows:

    Firmware: 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.12/1030/03[gets cut off]
    Hardware: B

    You guys are always very helpful here and I appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Looks to me like you are up to date.
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