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    I won a Treo 300 on eBay last week and everything seems to be fine with it except two things:

    1.) It does not ring, even in "Sound On" mode. It does, however, vibrate in that mode.

    2.) When I make a call, I can't hear the party on the other end. I thought this was a problem with the speaker, but even when I use a headset, the sound on the other end is barely audible. I made sure the volume was turned up all the way with the jog switch. The other party can hear me fine.

    For some reason, I believe this not to be a hardware problem, but possibly a network problem or perhaps I have it configured poorly. Can anyone help?

    I have Sprint PCS.
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    Damn, thats the same exact thing mine did! The only way I could make a call with any accuracy was to call voicemail first to "kick" the speaker in. But that started failing and I got the speaker kicked in by playing a game with volume...then that failed so I brought it to the sprint store and im gettin a 600...

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