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    I use my Treo 600 on Verizon. I think that I get charged by the message by VerizonWireless for all the MMS and SMS I send and receive.

    I think that when I send messages (with or without attachments) through Snapper Mail that it goes through my unlimited data account and there is "no additional charge" from VerizonWireless.

    I think Verizon charges me $.02 per message for receiving TXT (SMS) messages; $.10 per message for sending TXT (SMS) messages; and $.25 per picturemessage for sending Picture (MMS) messages. I have yet to get a bill from Verizon with received picture messages.

    My first bill had over $11 for SMS's and MMS's that I sent just trying everything out when I got my new Treo in July. After a couple weeks I purchased Snapper Mail and I have been doing all my TXT/Email/Attachment sending with SnapperMail, and no more charges from VerizonWireless.

    Seems to me that my investment in Snapper Mail not only gives me additional capabilities, but saves me lots of money.

    Am I right about the charges? What are the charges for SMS and MMS on the other carriers?

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    Sprint does not seem to charge for SMS as long as it is a received message through the Internet/Email. They charge .10 for sent messages after the first 100. They also charge for received messages through TAP (pager dialup access?). They do have an option for unlimited SMS.
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    I already have snapper so its not such a big deal to me, but your title is very misleading
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    Please change the message title. It's misleading
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuhsi
    Please change the message title. It's misleading
    Sorry MrGarza and Chuhsi.
    During my first month I sent some 60 to 70 E mails most with attachments and most for work, and specifically many brochures for work and pics of machines. I believe my bill from Verizon for TXT and Picture Messages would have been way more that the $, I spent for SnapperMail, and so I said to myself that it was free to me. That let to my title which I can see in hind site is missleading to someone looking to download for free. Sorry to one and all.


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    I'm not following you here. How do you send SMS messages using Snapper?

    I also have verizon, which has the following very nice feature. If I send an SMS to someone's cell phone, they see my return address as my phone number, e.g., 6175551212. If I send SMS to someone's email account, which may be a unique verizon feature for all I know, they see my return address as With both of these, I get their replies instantly.

    So, right now, I can SMS both to people's phones and to their email. How would I do either of these with Snapper??
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    If you send a snappermail (from your Treo 600) or an email from your PC, to your phone number at, you will see it as a SMS on your phone. works on Verizon, I do not know what the other providers use or how they work.
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    Beanster, same thing as using your Outlook Express on your desktop to send an e-mail to someone's cellphone. You send it as e-mail via your Snapper e-mail client on the Treo, they get it in their SMS register. Therefore you don't have to pay for sending an SMS message (or take away from the number you are allowed monthly -- Sprint), and they don't usually have to pay for receiving an SMS message.
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    to send text messages to any phone number use the Teleflip server this server reroutes the messages to any wireless provider automatically exp: doesnt matter whos the provider it will be sent and rerouted properly , plus its free

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