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    Have someone design an adapter that would CONVERT the original T600 port to the new port...just like the zillions of phone/pda adapters already floating around.
    Even if sold for 4.99 or so it would be a bargain for keeping existing cables, accessories etc.

    ALSO, and here is the good part, IF it is designed to be a nice compact square adpater that is , dunno, 1.5 inches or so long, it MIGHT even make the cradle usable for headphone use due to the height increase...assuming no loss in stability........
    I have detailed files.
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    Yeah, not a bad idea. I probably would be more enthusiastic if the thread subject had a description of what the idea is. Just a pet peeve I have as pretty much any thread could have that title.
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    That's assuming the only thing that differs on the connectors is physical. I don't know if that's true. If the new Treo uses the various conduits differently than the old one, no cheap passive adaptor will do.
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    Anyone know if this is possible??

    A Female-600-to-Male-650 would allow me to use my current $30 Serial Sync Cable to sync my 650 to my UNIX box at work. Not sure how else I'm gonna do that.

    [Edit: Feb 21, 2005... The PalmOne store now offers a serial cable adaptor for a Treo600 serial cable to Treo650 handheld @ $29.99.]

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