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    Could someone please give me some advice. I have been using callfilter for 3 weeks and never had this problem until yesterday. I have it set to forward when docked and it is forwarding regardless. I have done a soft, warm and even a hard reset. After reloading the app it is doing the same thing again.

    I checked my phone settings and forwarding is off.

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    Try enabling the forwarding rule, plug in to your power source and let it set forwarding to on, then remove it from your power source and see if it turns itself off. I did that after a soft reset with my Treo plugged in and it worked for me. The call forwarding seems a little buggy if you have a reset while it is active.
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    Are you on Sprint? The UNforward doesn't seem to work on mine either- I've posted about it before.

    You should be able to go into the phone app- forward the phone, and THEN unforward- it should allow it to ring.

    I think the problem is that there is no internal command to do the unforward when you remove the power source.
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    Go to your Phone menu --> Call Preferences and Detect Network Settings (takes a minute). At that point you will see the forward all calls is still on with the phone number shown.
    Change it to show Do not Forward and then Update Network Settings.
    Things will be normal again.
    I have detailed files.
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    *Minator-- it depends on the carrier. I don't have a menu like that in my Sprint phone. Programs like CallFilter and Profiles are trying to programmatically unforward the phone but that seems to fail on Sprint so there is no icon that calls are being forwarded at all, even though the radio is programmed to do so.

    If this is the case with jpkap, then he cannot simply unforward. He must forward and then unforward for things to return to normal.

    Hope that helps-- sounds like the GPRS/GSM carriers handle these programmatic forwards much more gracefully than Sprint.

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