I'm trying out my first audiobooks, but here's the thing: This message keeps popping up every time I try to download: "Download incomplete; bytes mismatch, please try again"

I have installed Audible Manager on my Win98 system, and Audible on my Treo 600. Communication between Audible Manager and Treo works fine. I do not
have a firewall interfering with downloads. I have also followed the recommendations in Audible FAQ to delete 'aa..' and 'debug' files in the 'Downloads' and 'Bin' folders. Even tried downloading to a card reader. Still doesn't work - same error message shows up.

Audible.com's help desk isn't terribly helpful. They churn out automated responses that do not address the issues directly. There's no record of this error message in their query database.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!