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    All my mp3s on ptunes (on the sd card) disappeared. Any idea why? The rest of the data is on the card. weird. Ideas?
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    card worms...

    Maybe you deleted the directory by mistake using Filez or another file manager?
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    no, Nothing was deleted. Have others had this problem with ptunes and crashes?
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    Did you pop the card out? If so you need to re-open the folders and select again. Just an idea. When I swap cards out I do this
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    the audio folder has totally disappeared

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    the audio folder has totally disappeared

    The file system in the SD is corrupted and is no longer accesible. That is common in card that are exposed to heat, low temperatures, impacts or things like that.

    The easy solution is format the SD card with the SD Tool that is included in treo´s utilities.

    But if you need your MP3, you have to use a repair tool for the file system in the SD (also you need a card reader attached to a pc) good luck.

    Other solution (without the card reader) thru the PC is the CardExport II and run the repair software.
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    I do have a card reader.....I am unclear what I need to do. When I put the SD card in the reader, all files are there but the mp3 audio file. To the best of knowlege, no heat/damage was done to the card except filing the top a month ago for a better fit in the Treo.

    Thanks for trying to help.

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