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    A friend of mine is willing to give me his Treo 600 because he's replaced it with another handheld that worked better while traveling internationally. It is a Sprint Treo 600. I do not want to switch to Sprint service b/c Sprint service is not very good in the part of town that I live in. My question is can this Treo be used with Cingular or Verizon or any other carriers? Thanks.
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    It could be used on Verizon but if you search this site Verizon is making it difficult to reprogram this phone to be primarily on their network.

    However Sprint will for $5 per month allow roaming on Verizon's network as long as it doesn't exceed 50% of the minutes utilized. Given the pricing of Sprints plans and how much you roam it might be worth it.

    Remember no data services when roaming off Sprint.
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    Have you tried the phone in your area? Sometimes one phone from a provider seems to pick up signals better than others. Don't know why, but seems to be true.

    Also, there's a slight chance that Sprint has improved coverage in your area since you last tried.

    Another thing to keep in mind: If you use the phone primarily for voice calls, then your current provider might be best. If you plan to do more data than voice (lots of email checking), then if you can get good enough Sprint signals, they have plans that offer unlimited internet usage that seem to be better priced than their competition.

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