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    Hi everyone, sorry for the cross post, but I just got my Treo 600 today from the T-Mobile store. I'm quite excited as I was stuck using the highly inferior 270 for a long long time. Anyway, I plugged up all the new USB cables to the 600 to get it charging and once I had it set-up, clicked the sync button to move all my appointments and contacts over. Sure enough, nothing happens -- and my treo just sits there and waits for the HotSync to timeout so it can give me its generic "Cannot Connect" error message. HotSync Manager is enabled so it should be picking up the request to sync from the Treo. Any help anyone can throw my way would be greatly appreciated. A Treo with no numbers sucks
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    Umm...not to be a pain...but have you installed all of the proper software that came with the device? Including the iSync conduit from Apple's website? The unit will not sync without the drivers installed, etc.

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