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    I searched around but really couldn't find an answer to these items.

    I was on serveral long calls today and had some really annoying problems.

    1) Snappermail tried to do an auto fetch during the call, and then placed an error message on my screen to tell me that a voice call was active (DUH). When I went to hang up I had to clear the error message and switch back to the phone application before I could hang up the call. I checked Snappermail settings but could not find an option to disable the fetch if a voice call was active. I can check the Snappermail forums but thought someon here might have a solution - other than disabling auto-fetch.

    2) Got a reminder during a call and had to go through the sequence described in #1 before I could hang up - ended up leaving a very looong voicemail. Treo 650 with dedicated answer and hang up would be a good fix.

    Thanks for any help, I have about 10 days left on my evaluation period with Verizon and this kind of stuff drives me a bit nuts. I may have to go back to my Kyo 7135 - at least I have the quirks figured out.

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    Yeah, I hate it when a damn calendar alarm goes off in my ear while I'm on the phone. You'd think it would be some kind of muted signal...

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