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    1/2 the time i go to turn my screen off it blicks off then back on. I need to do that 3 times to get screen to turn off anyone know what causes that?

    Sprit Handspring version 1.2 model c
    Treo 600-Sprint v1.20
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    I'm using PhoneGuard, and also tried Sandman and Off-It... when I had 1.10 I did not have a problem, after getting a replacement with 1.20 recently I find that all INCOMING calls will allow the screen to turn off after your pre-set period of time, but all OUTGOING calls will not allow the screen to be turned off. As described above, it turns off and turns right back on.

    Can anyone help this situation?

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    This is not during a call, this is just regular use aka check email then need to try 3 times to turn screen off, play game etc...
    Treo 600-Sprint v1.20
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    Did this happen recently? If so, do you recall which apps/utilities you recently installed? Try disabling your latest apps, then if the problem is fixed, enable each of them one at a time to find out the culprit.

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