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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy70
    So if the new lens and sensor would gather more light, I'd be a happy camper.
    Me too, especially since it doesn't look like there is gonna be a flash.
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    I just use the super powerfull micro led I have on my keychain as my flash! Works decent enough I've found...
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    I have a wacky idea that might work...
    I wonder if an industrious electrical engineer could figure out how to get the Treo antenna jack to drive a bright LED (like the antenna accessories that blink when the phone rings?). Just drop one of those onto the antenna jack and guess what? BUILT-IN-FLASH!

    I am gonna have to go monkey around with this idea a bit....
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    Why p1 camera sooo dark...? My friend bought z72 which i thought COOL for the 1.2 Mpx camera.....
    yet, after playing with it... I think the camera is dissapointing HUH....

    I still have Canon A50 Digital camera - 1.3 Mpx, which not-poor when I turn the flash off...
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    i think that they might be better off just trying to make a decent camera. the technology for an effective flash in that size is not there yet. in most cases you would probably just end up with a dark picture with a little bright spot and some reflections.

    someday maybe, but although camera phones are cool and i look forward to having a 1.3 MP one when i get a 650, it still won't take the place of my 4MP canon for some time, and not just because of the megapixel count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    I just use the super powerfull micro led I have on my keychain as my flash! Works decent enough I've found...
    An excellent idea. I have had one of those for a long time and never thought of it. Now if you could just combine that idea with the idea the next post had of putting it in the antena and you'd really have something there. I've used that micro led a billion times on a watch battery, it can't draw too much power.
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    It would be awesome if someone could pull off that antenna idea. A flash is the one thing the new TREO is missing for me.
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    i hammer on the flash issue everytime i post (see tagline below).

    however, i have seen the results of other camera phones with mini-flashes and have not been impressed. is there a good flash enable camera phone on the market? maybe mini-flash technology is still in its infancy.
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