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    Help I recently went through Hurricane Charley and had no power for a week! Now we are looking at Frances headed our way and I am freaked out! One of my issues was that I was counting on connecting via WirelessModem (which I do own - bought and paid for - but no support offered) to connect me to the internet as needed. However it bombed when I tried to implement it during our power outage. I have used it before successfully, but it's been a while (probably like 6 months) since I used it. I paid the $37.50 specifically to have it for emergencies and when I needed it it failed me.

    Like I said, it worked before great I'm connecting with a USB cable to my macintosh iBook running system 9.2. I've followed the steps to connect as shown on their site (these worked before) and am dialing into #777. Has that changed in the last few months? BTW, my provider is Sprint. The OSX version isn't an option, as I'm not running it at all on my laptop - most of my programs are older and not optimized so I never bothered loading it.

    All that's happening is I can hear the numbers dial on my laptop and then nothing. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas before Friday?
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    I would go to this web site for WirelessModem and register and then post your request there. You may get some helpful suggestions and the author does look at the messages.


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