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    It's a simple thread. From all the information that we know (or are reasonable sure of).

    For those of you who are upgrading what are the features that are triggering it?

    For those of you who are not upgrading, what are the features that prevent it?

    I know that cost is always a factor. For this thread, let's just go with the notion that it's not a factor. (Yes, I know that if it wasn't a factor at all, of course you'd upgrade. I'm just saying that if Palm were to put the device on sale at what you'd consider a fair price.)

    I'll start:

    I'm on the edge (hence my reason for this thread). The only thing that I think would be useful everyday to me would be the hi-res screen. I guess I'd use the faster processor too.

    On the other hand, a part of me says to wait for wi-fi or built-in GPS access (though a chip or A-GPS from a carrier), which would be the other two reasons for me to upgrade - if it existed.
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    I'll be upgrading for Bluetooth & the improved screen.
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    Hi-res, a better speakerphone (since I've had problems with mine), and a better camera (so I don't have to fork out extra money to replace my old digital camera).
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    Hi-res definitely will do it for me.
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    Hopes of a better battery life, hi-res, and by appearances better button layout.

    this is obviously excluding the new toy factor
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    HIREZ BABY it is RYGAR time. I cannot wait to play NESem.
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    Better mic, speaker, BT, TOY FACTOR
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    EDGE...would make me upgrade...nothing else
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    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach
    HIREZ BABY it is RYGAR time. I cannot wait to play NESem.
    I had forgotten about all about the game simulators. This might be enough to push me over the edge towards upgrading. Of course that's also going to cost me a few more dollars. Come to think of it, if I can rip DVDs or rig up my ReplayTV to translate files to a mmplayer format (which I think should work -- after a day of jumping through hoops), that alone might have great value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimzo
    EDGE...would make me upgrade...nothing else
    As much as I would like to take this hard line, I will probably jump for

    1) High res
    2) megapixel
    3) improved OS
    4) faster
    5) BT
    6) the hope of better build quality

    we'll see if other improvements, thus reasons to buy, show themselves in coming weeks
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    I'll be upgrading for the increased speed, the screen, bluetooth and the fact that my 600 is on life support,.
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    Because its there!

    .....and I still use a treo 90.
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    My reasons:

    1) High-res screen will make it possible to run game emulators and GPS maps
    2) Bluetooth will provide network access and wireless hotsyncing
    3) Newer OS means more programs will be available
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    Hi-res screen and a decent camera- hopefully.
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    I've held off buying the 600 because it didn't have bluetooth. The hi-res screen would be equally important too....but unless the 650 is FAR MORE PROBLEM FREE (ie: no buzz problems, no network search problems, no lockups/crashes with just factory loaded apps). I will wait and let the early adoptor's check this out rather than be a quality control inspector for my own expense! PalmOne...are you listening??? The number of problems users here are having with the current Treo600 is making me hesitant to buy! Your'e going to have to do something to convince me that you really have all the quality control issues handled. I work in a design/manufacturing enviorment, and if I designed a product with this many flaws and sold it to customers...I'd be fired for the warranty/policy costs alone! Edit: forgot to mention...I think the removable battery is a HUGE advantage also!
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    If bluetooth works with Chrysler's Uconnect system, I'll get 2!
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    higher res
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    High res and bluetooth, if it has PTT also i'll be first in line to buy it
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    High res would do it for me. Faster processor is also a help and I would probably find something to do with Bluetooth. My only hesitation is due to the same 32MB RAM. My T600 is already full!
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    1. Definitely the high res screen .. looking at websites will be much easier when I can see the page (or more of it).
    2. Bluetooth .. even if the SD GPS never really pans out a bluetooth GPS module just sitting wirelessly in the car will be sweet. No need to hook anything up or cradles etc. I would also love to see a portable Bluetooth > WiFi bridge. I know the speed would be impaired by BT and I know I can BT to my laptop and then use Wifi, but a portable module would be very cool when in starbucks and out of GPRS signal coverage (still a problem in some parts of the US I travel). This is of course if the SD WiFi never pans out.
    3. Megapixel camera ... the current one is just a novelty.
    4. Hopefully more RAM .. since some program just insist on residing in RAM

    Bring it!
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