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    Picking the lottery numbers.
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    I will get a Treo 650 if I haven't given up waiting and bought something else instead...
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    your mom
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    1) Faster Processor
    2) More Memory (?)
    3) Better Camera (I knew if I blew the cash on the CyberShot they'd
    release a new Treo with a better camera !!!)
    4) Better Screen
    5) Bluetooth
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    1) Build Quality (I'm still using a 270, and I don't EVER want to see a flip model again)
    2) Bluetooth (Gotta have it!)
    3) Removable Battery (Finally, the treo catches up with every other phone I've had...)
    4) Hardware Answer/Hangup buttons (Since I'm losing the flip, this is important for me)
    5) Better Camera
    6) GSM Support

    I can't WAIT to get rid of this 270, but if the inital build quality of the 650 doesn't best the 270 or 600 then I'm swapping platforms. PPC sucks, but at least motorola knows how to build decent hardware.
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    I am currently using the Treo 300, so it's a slam dunk upgrade for me.

    I originally wanted a smartphone to admin my network from anywhere, and the unlimited data from Sprint makes that conceivable, if not really practical with the 300. SSH is too cramped and slow on the 300 for good use. Web pages load at an OK rate but are parsed/displayed too slowly (pokey 33 MHZ CPU) and the 160^2 screen displays too little info at once. Additionaly, the lack of file downloads and uploads hampers me from taking full advantage of the GREAT Sprint data.

    My Top 10 Reasosn to Upgrade list :

    1 - Way, WAY Faster Processor
    2 - Hi-Res Screen
    3 - Better Browser (downloads, uploads, frames - woo-hoo!)
    4 - SDIO Expansion (none on the 300)
    5 - Bluetooth (pull off the highway and quickly connect my powerbook to the treo for full internet)
    6 - Lack of fragile hinge (currently on 2nd 300 replacement this year)
    7 - 5-Way Nav instead of largely useless thumb scroll
    8 - A decent integrated camera (previous rez was pointless)
    9 - More RAM (than Treo 300)
    10 - MP3 Ring Tones

    Hey - What's not to like?

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    What will make me upgrade, knowing what we already know? Them making it available for me to buy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    For those of you who are not upgrading, what are the features that prevent it?
    Palm OS
    No multi-tasking
    No bundled "office" applications
    No wi-fi
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    BLuetooth, better display, and better keyboard (I hope).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffster
    BLuetooth, better display, and better keyboard (I hope).
    Well better is better, I suppose, but if by "better keyboard," you mean the Tungsten keyboard, count me out. If the Tungsten is what Palm knows about keyboard design, then give me HS, thank you very much. I like the Treo k/b and see little room for improvement. I can operate it with both or either thumb. Where there is room, I do not look to Palm to see it. Better is better by definition, but some things are hard to improve on. Many gratuitous attempts to improve good designs actually break them.
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    High Res Screen and Bluetooth
    Will be first in line!
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