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    1. High Res. for viewing my photos and video's
    2. Megapixel Camera (as I do a bit of blogging)
    3. Bluetooth would be nice to sync wirelessly
    4. Voice Dial is a much needed built-in feature for the Treo.
    5. PTT would be a cool feature
    6. Although it seems bleak, a flash would be the icing on the cake for me.
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    1. Bluetooth
    2. High res screen
    3. EDGE
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    1. Buzz-free headset/speaker
    2. Hi-Res screen
    3. Blue-tooth
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    Hi-res and the 1.3MP camera are enough to get me to upgrade... and I've already had my Treo 600 for 8 months... it's time for a change
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    upgrading for higher res camera, Bluetooth, and 320x320 display.

    Is it here yet?
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    What would make me upgrade? If I could get this thing under $300 .
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    1. the day they start taking order on the web.
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    1. Bluetooth!!!
    2. Higher resolution
    3. Bluetooth!!!
    4. Insurance for Cingular ;-)
    5. Did I mention Bluetooth?
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    Bluetooth & Hi-Res, but most of all because it is a new gadget and I cannot help myself!! I'm a gadget junky!!
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    Upgrade price. If I'm paying full price, I'm not upgrading.
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    The improved screen alone is reason enough for me to upgrade. Being able to see 4x more data on the screen is a huge improvement for me. The 16 bit color is also great. The more features the better, of course.
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    I agree w/ heberman. It's all about price for me.
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    I would like improved data. This can be in memory, resolution, processor speed, or EDGE.

    I would like an easy transition, e.g., no broken apps, lost data, bookmarks or other defined controls.
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    I'm satisfied with my T600. I will upgrade when my 600 breaks or when I can get 1x-EVDO (or EVDV).
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    i just bought a treo 600 for 399.99 here:

    after i got rid of my treo 600 a while back i could no longer control my cravings to get another one at this price
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    500 mhz processor
    2 mpixel cam with flash & zoom
    64 mb ram
    voice dialing
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    500 mhz processor
    2 mpixel cam with flash & zoom
    64 mb ram
    voice dialing
    Those sound like my specs from my crystal ball for the Treo 700, except it doesn't mention wi-fi.

    For what it's worth the Ace supposedly has zoom if you call digital zoom, zoom, which I don't.
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    1. Hi-Rez display is enough to get my upgrade order (600 should have had this to start with)
    2. Bluetooth seals the deal for me (I've wanted to use a BT headset a THOUSAND times with my 600 - tried the Jabra, but it didn't fly)
    3. Faster processor, upgraded OS, removable battery are pluses
    4. Don't really care about the improved camera - i never use the one on my 600
    5. Bad news about the revised & non-compatible interface. I hope we get some tangible benefit from this change.
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    64MB. RAM's the main limitation for me now on my Treo. 128 would be even better in a device of this price. 2nd is lack of a Wi-Fi solution. Without more RAM, I definitely will not upgrade.
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    I think after some thought that I might upgrade even if it's just for the screen alone. Originally, I thought that might be a pretty lousy reason to upgrade as I figured that it would just make some apps easier to read. However, with more thought, I realize that browsing the web becomes much more useful, maps with my new GPS become a ton better, and it opens up playing better versions of games (like Gizmo or the NES emulator) as well as video viewing. There are probably more things, but this one enhancement affects enough applications to really make a significant difference in the device as a whole.

    Unfortunately, I have to echo the complaint of 32MBs. It's just not enough for me unless anything can be run off the SD card (and speed of the card not be an issue).
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