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    ordered my covertec mid aug from mobile planet. they said my covertec was back ordered for another 5 days. fine i could deal with that. i waited 7 days to see where it was. then i call back and ask where my order is. they said they don't have it in stock and didn't have a time frame as to when it would be in stock. and they called me a liar cause they never had a date when it was going to be in stock.what's going on!!! called today and they said mid september it was going to be in stock. i cancelled my order and will be the last time i order from them.

    i was really looking forward to getting a covertec. is there another place i can order a covertec?
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    bought a covertec from treocentral. very helpful people.

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    I got mine from TreoCentral as well. Was delivered in 3 days. If you want to avoid the runaround, you might want to consider ordering from TC (although it's $5 more).

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    ordered a belagio treo 600 case treo central told me it would deliver in 5-10 day it was here in 4 days what a deal im sticking to
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    yea mobile planet gave me the run around. i didn't even think of buying it from treocentral. cancelled my order and bought from treocentral.

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