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    I'm ordered an i.trek (see my other thread last night) and I was disappointed to find that it seems to require a cigarette lighter for power. I'm going to need something that runs off of the Treo's power or batteries as requiring a car isn't handy for what I do. I suppose I could get some type of converter at radio shack, but that limits the portability of such a device immensely.

    The SDIO would be good for my purposes, except that it doesn't approach an exceptable price range.
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    This site has cables for garmin units. This is what l want.
    They are battery powered
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    I suppose, but I'd think it would be best to use the color screen that came with the Treo and have something more portable than a Garmin (I'm not overly familiar with Garmin, but the pictures make it seem like it's its own GPS system). Something like the i.trek or any GPS mouse would be great if the power source could be portable (and maybe all the cording reduced in the process).

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