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    My treo 600 has started doing something that is extremely frustrating. I don't know whether is is a hardware problem, a software problem, or a sprint network problem.

    My phone will say it has a good signal (3 or 4 bars), but everytime I try to make a call, it will quickly say "No Service", disconnect my call, then go back to saying that there is a good signal. To make sure there is no interference, I tried making a call outdoors. To make sure it isn't the software on my phone, I reset my phone to it original state. Yet I still have this problem.

    I called sprint and they say that the network is overcrowded where Im at, and that Im getting booted off. This problem does occur mainly at the University I attend, but I have had this phone for 2 years and have attend the same university, so what has changed? The problem started about a month ago and it only seems to be getting worst.

    Anyone have any clues?
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    You may want to check this thread out.
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    Thanks. However, after reading much of that thread, my problem is different.

    My phone doesn't have a battery problem, and it isn't looking for a network. The problem is that it has found a network, but everytime I make a call, it says "No service", disconnects my call, and goes back to normal.
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    Well, this sounds like more a problem with your sprint converage than the Treo. Do you know if anyone else with sprint phones on your campus is having the same problems? Unfortunately, I don't even think you can roam b/c you're getting a network signal...
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    This is the same problem as the network service deal. Go have it replaced!
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    My wife's phone had the same issue for about 2 weeks. I took into the local Sprint Store and they ran their tests on it and it failed. She had the same exact problems that you are describing. Go get the phone replaced.
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    I had the same problem the past two weeks here in the Bay Area. Last week I took it to Sprint and it passed their tests, so I went yesterday and said the problem still exists, so they are giving me a replacement.
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    It seems VERY unlikely that Sprint would be having bandwidth issues. They have more spectrum than almost any other carrier (at least with their native network)...I think it is a device issue - take it to a store and get it replaced.
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    Same exact thing happened to me. Treo 1 worked perfectly for almost a year then even with 4 bars could not make a call. No service it said. Returned to store for a refurb. No problems since.

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