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    I painted my treo red. I'm gonna let it dry for a week. Do you guys have any suggestions on what color goes well with this shade of red?
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    I would have prefered Black.
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  4. #4 should have flames on the back of that treo. Who could deny how hot it is then?
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    that was the only paint available at the time. I said "oh what the hell" and put the paint on. It looks like one of those samsung dumbphones now. If I put it back together and it doesnt work, at least I have an excuse to upgrade to an ace
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    I finished painting it and IMHO it looks better now than with the old plain gray paint. I'm going to post pictures in a while.

    There's a problem though. The paint is still tacky after letting it dry for a week. Did I do anything wrong here?
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    I've read about people who've painted their phones...I cannot remember which website tho. I think it depends on the type of paint, and some have even used markers. I don't know what to say...can you sand the phone and repaint? I'd suggest googling the topic. Try also I think some adventurous folks there have painted their phones and experimented a bit. Perhaps large stickers on the phone (those flames you know would cover enough for you to hold the phone without experiencing the tacky feeling...or it would look even tackier, I don't know.

    Good luck with it and let us know how it turned out.
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    Looks good but I wonder about how thick you've applied the paint and what prep you did... The original paint is rubbish so just painting over it doesn't work too well.

    When I paint T180/270/300, I always strip the old paint off. I use a Proxxan electric modeling sander and 1000 grade paper but hand sanding with 1000 grade works too.

    I then prime the bare surface and paint using 3 coats of good quality automotive spray paint (very thin coats is a must). The finish is as smooth as the original paint.

    I have found that using modeling paint results in a rather thick (almost rubbery) look to the paint surface.

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