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    Can someone tell me whether Java is a worthwhile purchase for my Treo 600?

    What can i use it for other than a specific game (Ace Hold 'em Poker)?

    Will installing it on my Treo have any adverse affects on my Treo's processing time etc? Also, should i install it on my card or do i need to install it on the Treo itself?

    Much appreciated.
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    FWIW, you can download the J2ME from PalmOne site if you signup at a T3 users instead of a Treo600 user, but I didn't tell you that!

    Anyway, yes there are many java apps out there you can use. The most popular one around here is the Reqwireless Webviewer broswer that is an absolute blazing fast browser. Do a search and you'll find tons of users who swear by it. Secondly, I posted a bunch of free java apps below if you're interested:
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    thanks a lot! will have a look.

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