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    I have not been able to figure out how to "open/enable" a selected DA through DALauncher... failing this I want to delete the application... I went the delete file screen, selected DALauncher and went to hit delete... only to be told that I could not delete it.... What gives??? Comments suggestions???

    While I'm at it... Are there other more userfriendly launchers out there?
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    Which DaLauncher are you using? First of all, most DA's require a hack manager to function. The problem is that alot hack managers are no longer compatible with OS 5.x. Thus, you first need to find a OS 5.x compatible DA manager for OS 5.x likeQluanch.

    Secondly, when you want to delete a DA or hack, you first have to disable it. Thus in order to delete a DAlauncher, you have to first diable all the DA's, then delete the DA first (actually not required but recommended) and then delete the DaLauncher...
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    hmmm let me see if I follow... I am new to all of this...

    I am using DA Launcher 5.0, by Hacker Dude.

    I only have the SimpleClock DA installed. At the moment neither of the "quick" DA's are set. And the "status" is STOPPED.
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