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    Do I remember correctly that I read somewhere that the 650 will have a built-in "today" application?

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    I don't remember reading that anywhere. However, I do expect that they'll change/update the main phone screen that's entirely possible...
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    Yes, Mirandu had that up, before the article was pulled.
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    If they update the Treo applications with the one from the T3, the today screen makes sense. It was one of the new features in the new calendar application . It appeared as one of the "views:" daily, weekly, monthly, and "today." What is placed on the today screen was somewhat configurable in the preferences window too.
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    since the specs are lookin just like the Zire 72, it'll probably have the same Today screen as that. just like chankla said.
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    I will start with...I do not work for Dataviz, but Beyond Contacts has a great today screen with 2 optional views, FWIW.
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    Did someone asked "WeeBitObsessed" ? He uploaded the pictures of the device, he might have some insights. I'd be disapointed if they do not have a "Today" screen. It seems simple enough to implement given the time they had.

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