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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    Wanderman, have you ever started a thread at TreoCentral that didn't consist of you just linking back to some "great new article" at your own site?

    Mr. Tapland!

    How delightful to have you 'contributing' to one of my threads again...

    I have this bizarre sense of deja-vu here... did you not try this one on me a couple of weeks ago already?

    If you adjust your glasses you'll actually be able to read that I am now contributing my views on TreoCentral as well as on Treonauts.

    Thank you for your continued interest in my articles.

    Cheers, W.

    BTW: Have you bought yourself a Treo 600 yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimi9746
    Complete with the photos from

    who thinks this is for real and not a scam ????
    Obviously a scam. The info even says 64mb of RAM when we know by now it will 32mb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderman
    If you adjust your glasses you'll actually be able to read that I am now contributing my views on TreoCentral as well as on Treonauts.
    Not only that, but I see that you're even putting your own unmarked affiliate links in your articles here, too.

    I've always had a lot of respect for the folks running TreoCentral, so I can only hope that the guys are asleep at the wheel here. So should we expect more deceitful advertising tactics in all upcoming articles at the "new and improved" TreoCentral?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Mr. Tapland,

    From your comment, I'm really sorry to sense that quite obviously your current medical treatment has not been working and that your Treo envy syndrome continues unabated.

    There is an easy medication though. You could stop visiting sites such as these which worsen your condition or alternatively you could head straight to the TreoCentral store or follow one of the links on Treonauts to buy yourself a Treo 600.

    Hope this helps - if not just drop me a line and I'll recommend a good shrink.

    Cheers, W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    Quite easy... Blazer =
    Nokia 9110i -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600
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    Quote Originally Posted by tejedor
    Quite easy... Blazer =
    I was completly wrong... After reading this threat and some other I reach my provider web page (the non-offitial one) and I found that there is 3 configurations there:

    1) Movistar MMS. You need to place this config on Network preferences in order to send MMS.

    2) Movistar Internet GPRS. This was the one I was using and it's supposed to be used whenever you want access to Internet on HTML. For example I use this too to access my office network using Mergic VPN.

    3) Movistar WAP GRPS. This is the new one I found and I must use this one in order to have full WAP access. So when I use this one on Network preferences and I place the proxy they recommend on Blazer every single WAP page is shown properly... even my bank account wap page... the one I got the problem with.

    So now every single wap page I access is working even my bank wap server.
    Nokia 9110i -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600
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    One benefit I can see to a page dedicated soley to comparing the two is that it doesn't turn into an endless thread of threats and insults that tell me nothing about the 650. I have been trying to figure out if the 650 has EVDO or not and I get excited when I see a new thread that appears that it will have this info, only to open it up and read post after post of insults about other posters and very little 650 data. So providing the comparison is accurate and up to date, I welcome it regardless of who's doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory J
    I have been trying to figure out if the 650 has EVDO or not
    It sure doesn't appear so. A lot of people were hoping for this, but it appears as though it won't happen
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