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    This is a little bit of intriguing news imo. There's been a bunch of buzz around the recent plunge of Sierra Wireless stock and the reason why they may be about to loose the contract to supply the CDMA radios for the next gen Treo...namely the fact that they develped their own MS based smartphone which is a direct competitor to PalmOne's Treo:

    "Vancouver-based Sierra supplies modems for the code division multiple access, or CDMA, version of PalmOne's popular Treo 600 smartphone.

    Market watchers have speculated that Sierra's PalmOne business could be at risk since Sierra introduced a competing smartphone, based on Microsoft Corp. technology, last year.

    GMP analyst Ray Sharma said in a note to investors Monday that PalmOne has already switched modem vendors for the GSM/GPRS version of the Treo. "
    Apparently Sierra stock has lost over 12% on this speculation. Could PalmOne be making their disaffection known with Sierra b/c of the Voq? Either way, it's quite likely according to reports that Sierra may go bankrupt b/c of this!! Whoa!

    other google news links:

    Note: Interestingly Sierra doesn't seem to offer a 1xEvDo OEM solution. Thus switching suppliers could be a good thing for Treo users, but thing for Sierra stock holders!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Could PalmOne be making their disaffection known with Sierra b/c of the Voq?
    PalmOne is not rich enough to be petty.

    Though they may indeed have decided to use someone else for their CDMA radios, you can be sure they didn't decide that for anything other than buck-saving reasons.
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    Actually, I remember this story from a while ago. Back when an analyst had said that Verizon was going to sell the Treo 610 (so much for that part of the article). The article mentioned how PalmONE was switching suppliers for their CDMA modem. I think they mentioned that Sierra Wireless made 20% of their business off of the Treo 600 1xRTT modem.

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