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    Ok - maybe I just don't get it.

    what's the difference between snappermail - which you can set to check mail at certain intervals - and these new PUSH clients...

    I am not sure I get it.

    sorry if I sound like an *****.
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    Email clients like Snapper, versamail and even Mailwave I believe poll your email inbox at set intervals. That is, they log on and intermittantly check your email and download new messages. This is completely different from BB, Goodlink or Chatter funtionality that use push. In this case, a mesage is automatically "pushed" from the server to your phone as soon as it arrives in your inbox. It is supposed to be seamless and fast w/o the need for regularly downloading mail from the server. The advantage of push is that it is fast and instantaneous which is a critical feature for many professional who need constant email access...
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    Yep and at this time, Chatter has the top spot for true push mail. Ben
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    How can Chatter PUSH, when it is not on the Server? I think all that happens is that chatter checks the IMAP server on a frequent basis to access mail. (The exact method that Chatter does this is not really clear.)
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    Chatter does not check with the server on a 'frequent basis' for new mail. It really does get email pushed to it. Read the imap rfc and study the design of real imap clients and the design will become more clear.
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    jaytee is right (as usual). Chatter is, to my knowledge, the ONLY true push email solution that works directly with your server, with the caveat that your server must support IMAP's IDLE command.

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    Please excuse me as I am far from an expert on IMAP or email in general.

    How does a Server send a command to a Treo 600 if the Treo is not online? I would think that Chatter must do some sort of polling of the Server to receive mail.

    Another related question: how many minutes would get used on a Verizon account with NA MOU (rather than the Data plan)?

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