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    I cannot seem to get a complete answer to my problem and need help.

    I have a Mac iBook running OS X (Panther) which includes ITunes software. I also have a Treo 600. I would like to find a way to download music from a legitimate site (for which I will pay for) and the transfer it to my Treo. So, my questions are:

    a. what software for my Mac will best handle music downloads whic can be transferred to my Treo?

    b. what software for my Treo will best handle these tranfers?

    c. what download sites should I consider using?

    So far, I am unable to get a simple answer from any software manufacturer, download site, computer guru, etc.

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    You can use any music download site as long as you can get an mp3 format file. Either by downloading it that way, or by converting it on your Mac. You can even download protected mp4 music from the iTunes music store, because you can then use iTunes to burn it (unprotected) to a CD, and then convert the CD back to mp3. There is a great legal russian site for mp3 music, click here to check it out. In any case, all you need is the ability to get the music you want to play in standard mp3 format. You will probably find it best to get your music on your desktop machine, and then transfer it to your SD card in your T600. You will want an SD card if you plan on keeping much music on your T600. You'll also want an SD card reader for your Mac, as it's hundreds of times faster to copy files to and from the SD card (rather than using the HotSync software that you got with your T600).

    Bill S

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