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    Newbie Questions:

    1. Is anyone using the VZW Intellisync program with Outlook Exchange Server having any success in syncing the Calendar and Contacts as well as emails? In my case, there is no wireless sync of these categories. WZW Data Support has not been helpful.

    2. Also, periodically, when I initiate a sync from the phone or receive a phone call, the phone restarts with a blank screen and then the grey Palm logo. Very frustrating! Not sure if some untility program is causing this, or how to proceed.

    Thanks for any help
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    The gray Palm Logo means your Treo is resetting. Not good. That means it is experiencing some type of fatal error. Many times a hard reset will fix an issue like this. If you have had the Treo will restore all your settings.

    I don't know much about the Verizon stuff...but a co-worker of mine is on Verizon and for some reason had a heck of a time trying to set up the desktop synching with Outlook. I tried to help him for 2 hours and he was on the phone with Palm for another 4. I have never experienced such difficulty with any of the 3 Palms I have owned. I have always just installed it and it synchs with no problems.
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    I was using the wireless sync since early august and I must say it sucks. I too also had the problem where my mailbox got a little out of hand and the VZW sync servers could not handle the load, so it just kept resetting my treo until the battery finally gave out. The wireless sync on VZW is just no good for syncing with exchange. Depending on your setup, you may want to look at software from Good Technologies or use snappermail to get your email and beyond contacts to sync all of your other stuff.
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    I'm having much better luck with this program. Everything is being kept up to date - email, calendar, notepad, tasks - without problems. The program does depend on having a running copy of the redirector on a PC with access to Exchange. If that machine goes down, the service is lost until it can be rebooted.
    I agree that Good is a more robust technology, but it's too expensive for personal or small business use.
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    Another alternative is to use a hosting service such as or
    This stuff with VZW reminds me of how the blackberries used to work way back in the day when you needed to leave your PC on.

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