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  • YES! I want one, give me one NOW!!

    242 67.04%
  • After it's release, I think I'll wait a few months to grab one.

    74 20.50%
  • I'll just wait for my current cell phone to disintegrate before I get a new one.

    38 10.53%
  • No, too much phone for me.

    7 1.94%
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    Ok, let's see what you guys are thinking about doing when the Treo 650 is released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by full_flex
    Ok, let's see what you guys are thinking about doing when the Treo 650 is released.
    Yep. I'll upgrade my 300 as soon as the 650 is available
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    I will also upgrade my 300 to the 650. I skipped out on the 600 because it lacked too many features, and I didn't want to spend $500 only to have to do it all again in a year. Also, I had trouble buying a T600 for more than a T3, when the T3 had such a great screen.
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    I will buy it asap, provided it is below $700 (I really really want one as my 600 has bit the dust)
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    pending full specs
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    I currently own a 600, if handspring runs a good upgrade program I'll switch to the 650. If Palmone expects me to pay full price I'll be looking at the Daxian or Samsung's new phone around christmas.
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    Well, I'll be the first one to admit it. A few month ago the same question was asked and I said, "The 600 does everything that I need. I am happy." I am still happy. But the high resolution will make me get it ASAP.
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    My choice was not on there..
    "need more info before I make my mind up"

    The 650 DOES NOT seem to "be all that and a bag of chips". Therefore, I need to wait and see what it really has when it releases and or see it in person and be overwhelmed. It's not the no-brainer that the 300 t0 600 upgrade was.
    Also, the Palmone rebate is a factor too.

    BT (but rather have Wi-Fi, but understand why P1 picked BT)

    Removable battery
    1.3M camera w/ mirror

    Smaler screen?
    NOT COMPATABLE with current Treo hardware..
    no Wi-Fi on board
    No extra internal memory
    Missing power button on top
    looks like it's geared more twoard the average joe, not the Old school Treo type person. If you need a send and end button, then the rest of the treo is too complicated for you (just my opinion)
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    we have a choice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    we have a choice?
    lol, yes Felipe. Yes we do.
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    I'll wait and see what the accessory landscape looks like... as soon as a (resonably priced) in-car solution is available, I'll bite.
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    I'm going to sell my Treo 600 + all my goodies the second the 650 is up for grabs. Talk about your impulse buying though... This is the price we pay for being nerds that want to ride on the cutting edge! hehe

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    I'm gonna have to buy one.
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    we know the real reason everyone will get it8
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    Well, I can't make a selection based on the above choices


    I want EDGE!

    I am waiting for September 19th for the rumoured announcement of the SE P1000. Also, the HTC MDA IV is supposed to be a knockout too.

    I gotta say, that if none support EDGE, I will pick the Treo 650 over the BenQ P50, HTC MDA III and IV, SE P1000. The Moto MPx and Nokia 9500 don't even enter the field because I want a candybar formfactor so that I can use it with one hand.

    Oh hell, I might even take the T650 if one does offer EDGE but 650 is out 2 or more months before the other model

    SO, I am still considering my options, but I am worried for all of Palm future with the dwindling number of licensees and decreasing number of handsets by those licensees
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    No question, I'm getting one! The BT and hi-res are exactly what I've been waiting for!
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    I didn't post a poll response because I can't decide. I'd love to have the higher res screen and Bluetooth, but, I'm not sure I want to spend the money. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Treo 600 I have now and would really love the additional features, but, I'm not sure if my gear lust is really worth feeding for this upgrade. I paid the early adopter tax last year to get the Treo 600 out of the gates because I was preparing a training program for a client for the 600. So, I went with Sprint at the time instead of Verizon -- which is better in my area -- and only took a one-year contract as I knew something new would be coming down the pike before a two-year agreement expired. Now, Sprint and Verizon are about the same service wise in my area and it comes down to the cost of data -- Sprint wins so far. Even with the money I'd make on eBay selling my 600 system -- handset, cases, cradles, chargers and such -- I'd still have to come out of pocket probably.

    I would love to have it, but, unless there's a compelling reason for me to take on the cost, I'll probably hold out. Then again, I might be tempted beyond resistance and pick one up the day it releases. I'm so confused!!!!!
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    the upgrade isn't that significant to splurge money on. BT and high res screen ugh. ok for BT but high res? it's a biz phone ultimately - not a Clie
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    I think it's far too early to ask this type of thing, because many of the questions people have remain unanswered. I need full specs and full disclosure on what the upgrade program is going to be. If it turns out that it's just what we know and it's going to cost me another $500, I'm not going to do it. High-res is really the big win for me (don't use BT), if it doesn't allow for some type of wi-fi add-on. However, if there is a loyalty program and I can get good value for my Treo 600, then it might be $100 or so to upgrade just for the high-res. They bump up the IR port and release it at the same time as a working wi-fi card, then I might jump up $200, depending on all the other questions that I need to have answered (which are numerous).
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    oh - H3LL YEAH!!!
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