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    I am confused:

    Treo manual says - maximizing battery life:

    You can increase the life of your Treo battery by following a few easy
    guidelines. Remember that battery life depends on how you use your Treo.
    • Charge your Treo whenever you’re at your desk. The Li-Ion battery in your
    Treo has a much longer useful life when it is topped offfrequently, versus
    charging it after it is fully drained.

    while, my IBM thinkpad manual says :

    Recondition your battery by letting your battery run to less than 3% at least once a month. Reconditioning the battery can restore some of your battery capacity.

    Although that wording from both manuals are not exactly precise, my understanding is that these are completely opposite advices ? Both gadgets are using same Li-Ion battery ....


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    Check out arcbody's great info in this thread...

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