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    Current cradles & chargers including car kits: No
    Current Headphones/Headsets: It appears so
    Cases: Doubtfull due to size difference
    Screen Protectors: If you cut a bit off
    SD Cards: I think so but much different slot on top
    Stylus: I think so
    GPS mouses: I think so
    Seidio iSound: I think so

    So the million dollar question, what third party accessories are still worth buying with the intention of upgrading pretty soon after the release. None?
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    One of the main reasons for me to look at the Treo 650 instead of the VERY sleek looking MPX was the vast stable of accessories that I already had for the T600 (and even back from the T270/T180 days) including cradleS, CaseS, sych cableS etc etc.
    All of a sudden, the MPx has now become a viable option and I was NOT looking forward to switching to PPC.
    This is not a good thing to spend $$ on a 1 year old niche product parts only to find it redundant for an upgrade under the same line.

    This in NOT a good thing.
    I have detailed files.
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    MDISI Treo 600 Cradle owner upgrade to MDISI Treo 650 Cradle.

    Upgrade is an MDISI Customer Service function via TreoCentral RMA.

    Total cost = Shipping + Treo 650 Battery Cover (TBDTBDTBD).

    MDISI Treo 650 Cradle will Return Ship within 48 Hours.

    Cheers ~ Carl (aka ArcBody)
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    I have detailed files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manielse
    Screen Protectors: If you cut a bit off
    why do you have to cut off a bit? i thought the screen size was the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator I feel better...
    Treominator ~ it gets better

    My Sprint PCS in-building repeater will work just fine
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    new accessories are a cash cow for PalmOne...tough nuts for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webslappy
    why do you have to cut off a bit? i thought the screen size was the same.
    Unless I'm incorrect, the screen size is slighty smaller.

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