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    I would've posted in this thread, but it needs repairing.

    The Gadgeteer reviewed this BT stereo headphone set. At $249, this is not for the faint-of-heart (or the faint-of-wallet), but in addition to playing music, it has a microphone that might work with the 650 as a phone headset. I say "might" because it's only been tested with existing phones. Looks pretty hot, though.
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    I wouldn't pay $250 for a pair of headphones unless it painlessly inserted sound into various synapses in my brain. Even then, I'd probably top at around $75.
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    I've been kind of interested in them for use with my laptop. With a bluetooth phone the headphones would be great. Just a flip of the mic to switch between the phone and the laptop.

    thoudgh I do agree about the price, it's not unexpected when campared to other bluetooth headsets, but it's still a good chunk of change.
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    This headset was pointed out on the thread linked to above. It doesn't have a microphone, but it's $100 less. Unfortunately, like the Bluetake set, it's bundled with a BT adapter for transmitting from non-BT devices, which is redundant for BT devices. I suspect that within six months, or whenever the next-generation BT iPod is released, we'll see a number of $120 headsets sold without adapters.

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