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    hello guys,

    I'm wondering, would palmone give an upgrade from the treo 600. I have paid a lot for the T6 and would appreciate a cheap way to get the 650
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    With any luck they'll continue Handspring's upgrade program. They would knock $200 off the price of the 600 for the first few weeks of availability if you provided a serial from an earlier model. But now they're PalmOne so who knows if they'll keep it up.
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    that would be nice .... i could keep the 600 as a souvenir and backup and have a 650 toy ... let's hope they do
    water created humans to carry it up hills
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    Man...I'm always two generations behind . I get the Visorphone, they offer discounts on the Treo 600 for T270/300 people only. I get the T270, and now they're only gonna offer discounts to T600 owners...

    Well lets hope palmOne does keep up the upgrade discount thing...
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