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    I should of known the 650 was gonna leak out this week.

    The day of the leak I was at the PalmOne store in Atlanta airport. Bought a new case for the T600. Anyway, asked the guy about any new models. His answer: "they don't tell us anything, check any forums or chatrooms, you get the best info there". Which I already knew.

    I also complained that I was on my third unit. He told me I can buy one from him for $399 (Unlocked with no contracts) and if you have a problem with it, call the store and they send a new unit to replace the old one. I said $399 seems cheap, he told me that's the price.

    Hopefully the 650 will not be more than $499 if the 600 stays at $399.
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    Could you PM with this person's contact information?


    Think First, ask questions later!

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