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    This thread is where we can request what pictures we would like to see taken of the new Treo 650 (Ace). Hopefully someone who has access might be able to take some of these and post them.

    I'd like to see,

    A picture of an SD card inserted in the new Treo 650 (still stick out?).

    More pictures of different programs running on the improved screen.

    Back of phone, battery removed / reset button inside battery cavity?

    A comparison shot of the Treo 600 and Treo 650 in sunlight.

    A picture from the new camera on the Treo itself, into a mirror so that the camera and what is behind it can be seen. This is a tricky one, be careful not to give yourself away in the process.

    And a picture of me holding the Treo 650 in my hand!
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    question did you ever have a problem with the 600's SD slot...i liked it...
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    600 and 650 in same shot from various angles
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    I've had problems with the 600's SD slot because the card sticks out a little but. So sometimes the cases I've used would rub it, push it down, and eject the card. It's a common gripe lots of people have. Supposedly the 650 has a deeper recess so that won't happen.
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    oh okeydokey...
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    I would like to see pictures that show what the LEDs on the front / the top of the 650 look like when they're illuminated and what they signify.
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