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    I'm a neophyte on the PDA phone frontier, so be gentle.

    I'm curious what the history is regarding the release of unlocked versions of the Treo. I just happened to be viewing this forum for the first time when the pictures of the 650 came out. We were getting ready to buy a couple of 600's for our IT department. Now we're thinking about waiting for the 650 because of the better screen resolution (one of the things we are doing is remote management of our servers and iSeries).

    Anyway, so after I saw that post with the pics, I sent an email to our corporate Verizon rep. Naturally, she said she has no idea when a version will be released by Verizon, but that any unlocked phone with their CDMA chip would work, although they wouldn't support it.

    So, what do you experts think about the unlocked version release? Also, how does an unlocked phone get one of Verizon's chips? <- newb question, I know

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    Usually when ppl on this board talk Unlock, they are speaking of GSM models.

    There were a couple of users that bought a SPrint CDMA phone and converted it to being used on Verizon. If I remeber correctly, they could use it as a phone, but not with verizon Data.
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    Ah, so I may be confusing my terminology then. If "unlocked" only refers to GSM phones, then the correct terminology for CDMA phones is what? unchipped?

    If it won't work with data, then there would be no point in trying to go this route. What our rep specifically said was any phone with one of their CDMA chips would work, but she wasn't specific on whether she meant just as a phone, or also with data.

    This may be a moot point anyway if the CDMA version comes out soon, and Verizon plans to support it immediately. Seems unlikely considering the long wait for the 600. We'll probably just get the 600 and upgrade at a later date. Probably to the 650 just before the 950 comes out.

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