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    At under $450 including shipping and with no tax it seems like a good deal, but would I have any warranty?
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    The PalmOne airport store in Atlanta quoted me $399, unlocked.

    If you want the guys name and number, PM me.
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    I purchased one from Ebay back in Jan. Had the dreaded buzz, called PalmOne support, gave them my Serial number. They noted that I was not the orginal person who registered it, updated my information, and promptly sent me a new one.

    So I have to say, no worries when buying from Ebay. You have to deal directly with PalmOne instead of your Cell Phone company.
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    Geesh, I wish I could get service like that.

    I am buying minutes from a Verizon Wholesaler, bought the phone from eBay, got the "orange" dead pixel problem and NO ONE WILL FIX OR REPLACE MY PHONE!

    P1 says they do not do warranty for Verizon and Verizon will not take repair my treo.

    What a hassle!

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