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    When do you think we will be able to order from palmone or t-mobile? How many weeks were you able to order the T600 before it was shipped? It seems that is the Ace is to ready to ship mid October that we would be able to order it now!

    This may be a real dumb question put if your using your smartphone to browse the net does that count as using airtime like making a call? I am with t-mobile.
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    No one knows when it'll be released.

    With T-Mobile you can be using either. Their GPRS data plan is based on data sent, not time spent online. If you are using CSD with a dialup to an ISP, then you are using airtime minutes.

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    I am new to this but what is GPRS? So it cost less by paying for data spent online? T-Mobile has a optional plan for TM Internet and HT (Hotspot) for 19.99 a month should I get this?

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