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    I'm probably the only one that cares but I would be curious to know if the new 650 has the same serial port as most Handsprings (inverted, TTL level serial) or if it has a palmone style serial port.

    It's a pain in the **** to rig up the circuits to use my palm with my serial instruments, it sure would be nice if I could just hook up a cable and go.

    Just curious since it looks like palmone had a significant influence in the redesign of this upgrade. Obviously they had to mess with some of the internal serial configuration to get Bluetooth set up. If this one had a real serial port, that is the one feature that would make me spend the bucks to buy one.

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    Is there going to be a serial sync cable for the 650 at all?? There's nothing on the P1 accessory web page about one, like the 600 had. A call to P1 sales proved equally as uninformative.

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    Yes, Serial. Check out the spec on the multiconnector. There will be a serial cable.
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    great question djs_tx! I don't know but it's certainly worth looking into. I'm hoping against hope that it'll be a real RS232 port. I'll dig into the multiconnetor spec and see what I can find. From what Tony wrote, it sounds like it's been posted to the developer site.
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    It has been posted. It is unfortunately a "handspring style" serial port. Oh well, that was the final straw for me. I'm replacing my buzzing treo 600 with a Siemens SX66. Real serial, wifi, and I can buy the dang connector and make my own serial cables for $3 each.


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