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    My center chrome button on the 5-way nav is loose or wobbles...when you hit the top of the button or the sides it clicks like it is not seated properly. Does anyone elses do this?
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    I just received my Treo 650 from VZW, and my center button does the same thing. Is this a common thing, or is it a problem waiting to happen?

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    Mine does it too. Its within days of going back.
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    I don't have that issue with my sprint 600...the outer edge is worn from repeated use but no 'mechanical' problems.

    OP, no chance you dropped it and it fell flat on something or you accidently rested something on it?
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    Mine does this - all buttons do - after my failed attempt to try to fit a $20 under the battery cover - just wouldn't fit.

    I think it's all one component.

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