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    My contacts list does not use the categories set up in Office. I have manually added the categories in my Treo, but my contact entries still do not recognize my office list They all say unfiled unless I've changed them in the Treo. I don't have to add them all manually in my Treo, do I?
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    I believ the answer is that Treo does not blindly copy all the categories in your Master category List and amke them available to all contacts. Also the basic Treo software only alllows nine categories I believe and ignores all others. KeySuite eliminates this problem altogether and allows something like 250 contacts. That's one of trhe main reasons why I added Keysuite.
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    Categories are managed by your hotsync conduit. To make sure your categories are sync'ing:
    1) Open Outlook
    2) Click the "Chapura Settings" button in the menu bar (should have been installed when you installed your Palm Software"
    3) Click "Settings"
    4) Select "Outlook Contacts"
    5) Click "Change"
    6) Select "Categories/Folders"
    7) Make sure "Handheld Category = Outlook Categories field" is checked

    Next time you sync, the contacts on the Palm should have the same categories as the contacts in Outlook.

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