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    I had to turn on spam-filtering at my ISP (Cox in Southern
    California) because of the spam getting through to my Treo
    via the POP/SMTP that normally doesn't as I used to read
    mail on my PC and it uses POPFILE which is a neat Bayseian
    Filter that is very, very good.

    So, I am wondering if there is any mail program or POP
    intermediary program for the Treo 600 that uses Bayesian
    Filtering to eliminate SPAM's *and* does not throw away the
    email but just puts it in another folder ("Junk" is good.)

    The program I use on the PC is Eudora (paid) with POPFILE
    as the receiver. The program I use on the Treo 600 is their
    Eudora Internet Client package (mail/web). There seems to
    be no SPAM filtering capability though they claim various
    filtering capability (but not SPAM, go figure.)

    I am willing to stop using Eudora Internet Client for the Treo
    600 (the price (free) was right) and will pay for a mail program
    that could provide SPAM filtering the right way (Bayes). On the
    other hand, if the 50-100 emails I get each day become burdensome
    to receive, I might just toss the whole thing. My ISP uses a standard
    method to filter SPAM and it is not extensible or improvable by me.


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    I use spam interceptor

    love it!

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