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    What's the best way to copy music from a cd onto my treo (expansion card) so I can play it with Ptunes. So far I've been able to do it by copying songs from the cd into my windows media player then copying those files onto my expansion card.
    1. Is there an easier way?
    2. Are the windows media player files (.wma?) the same qualilty as mp3's - or is there a better quality format?
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    I beleive that there is no easier way. You have to convert from the WAVE (CD) to WMA or MP3. Some people like the OGG which is open source that can be played with Ptunes deluxe.

    WMA claims to be smaller size than MP3, but I prefer MP3 for cross system use.
    Whatever you choose it's great fun. Hope you have a cardreader for speed and ease of use.
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    When I first started using PocketTunes, I used MP3 format. As soon as they supported WMA, I sent that way and haven't looked back. The big win is in file size, with no evident (to me, anyway - others claim that WMA has a poorer audio function) loss in audio performance. And my Rio S30 player can play both MP3 and WMA, as can most all of them these days.

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