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    Today I bought a 128mb SD card from the SD company
    in Arizona and loaded up about 10 songs to it (Josefin
    Nilsson's "Shapes" by Benny and Bjorn).

    I was surprised in the respects I've posted earlier about
    lack of volume and lack of bass. But one more think
    surprised me. It took forever to transfer the WMA format
    songs (1mb per minute of recorded song) to the Treo 600
    via Hotsync.

    With my old Sony Clie, transferring seemed to go faster.
    I don't know if these Treo WMA's are compressed or even
    if my Pocket Tunes for the Treo is capable of playing
    compressed WMA's. I assume they are compressed.

    Anyway, a few surprises here -- not ready yet to say
    that Sony Clie has Treo 600 beat but it is sure looking
    that way in terms of speed-of-transfer, volume, and bass.

    Anyone find different?

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    1. Get an SD card reader for your PC - much faster.
    2. Get copy of Card Export - treats Treo as just another
    USB device hooked to your PC - very fast transfers.
    3. With either approach, you can use Windows Explorer to
    organize your SD card.

    Good Luck
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    Prepare to buy a bigger SD Card, you'll need it soon, LOL. A card reader is essential for moving music files around. Hot Synch will take you forever. Since you are using P-Tunes as a player, it does have a built in equalizer/volume control. You might also consider Seido 2in1 which will give you some volume control. I prefer the Seidos that let me use my own headphones, rather than their buds.

    By definition WMA is a compressed format, as is MP3. Your P-tunes has to be the deluxe version to play WMA, I'm pretty sure.

    have fun
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    Regards WMA files - need the upgraded version of
    pTunes for that. Also, protected recordings won't
    work yet - pTunes working with Microsoft for
    enabling code in next version.

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