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    When it is in its cradle, there appears to be no way
    to direct its stereo output to anywhere. It is blocked
    by the cradle. This means that one has to constantly
    be draining the battery (even with screen off) to
    play music. Not good.

    Anyone have a solution for it? A holster/cradle that
    has a stereo output jack that goes to the Treo's
    would be ideal.


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    There are two solutions:

    MDISI Cradle


    Omni Treo 600 Cradle
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    Which do you think is better?

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    Or you can just use a combo sync/charge usb cable instead of the cradle.
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    wow! I'm amazed at how expensive these cradles are... If all that was wanted was a way to get to the audio out, do you think you could drill a hole through the regular cradle and run your audio out of there? Yeah, I think I'd take the ghetto approach to getting audio out.

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